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Weighted Gel Maze

Weighted Gel Maze

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Our 14 inch, Weighted Gel Maze is a multi-purpose sensory tool. It calms the mind & body with 2.2 lbs. of targeted deep pressure for proprioceptive stimulation. It also strengthens cognitive development and acts as a fidget toy as your child plays with the interactive maze.

Recommended for children over 36 months old.

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Weighted Sensory Gel Pad

What Is a Weighted Sensory Gel Pad?

A weighted sensory stimulation gel pad, also called a gel sensory mat, is a specialized therapeutic tool designed to provide tactile and proprioceptive sensory input.

It typically consists of a rectangular or square-shaped gel-filled mat, such as silicone or a water-based gel, and various embedded features for tactile stimulation. These features can include raised patterns, textures, or even detachable items like fidget toys

When a child interacts with a weighted sensory gel mat, the pressure and textures engage their tactile and proprioceptive senses, providing a grounding and relaxing experience. This can help reduce anxiety, promote focus, and improve overall sensory regulation.

What Makes Big Heart Toys’ Weighted Sensory Gel Pad Stand Out?

Big Heart Toys offers this interactive maze meant to calm a busy mind and serve as a fidget for little ones who need something to keep their hands busy, improve finger strength, and strengthen hand-eye coordination. This weighted lap pad’s textured surface creates a sensory-rich experience.

We are dedicated to providing affordable options for families of children with autism. This versatile mat is the perfect size for use at home, in the car, in a stroller, or virtually anywhere. It fits in a diaper bag or backpack, so you can use it anywhere your little one may need it.

Why Is Sensory Input Important for Children With Autism?

Sensory input is paramount for children with autism, as it influences their sensory processing, communication, and behavior. Sensory sensitivities can lead to daily challenges, making sensory regulation crucial for their well-being.

Sensory toys and tools, such as weighted blankets and fidget toys, offer a means for self-regulation, helping children with autism cope with sensory challenges and communicate their needs.

These tools bridge the gap for social interaction and assist in behavior management by providing a controlled and soothing sensory experience. They encourage skill development and self-expression while supporting children’s unique sensory preferences.

By empowering children with autism to navigate their sensory world, these tools improve their overall quality of life and help them confidently engage with their surroundings.

How Can a Weighted Sensory Gel Pad Benefit Children With Autism?

A weighted sensory gel pad offers plenty of benefits for children, like the following:

Deep Pressure Stimulation

The weighted element in the mat is crucial, as it offers deep touch pressure (DTP), which is known to have a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system.

DTP can help individuals regulate their sensory processing, making weighted sensory gel mats particularly beneficial for those with sensory processing difficulties, such as autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, or other special needs. 

Encourages Relaxation

The deep touch pressure provided by these pads can have a calming effect, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation, which is particularly helpful for children with autism who may experience sensory overload.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Interacting with the squishy textured surface and engaging with the sensory features on the gel pad can aid in fine motor skill development, enhancing dexterity and coordination.

Enhances Focus

The tactile and proprioceptive input offered by these pads can help improve a child's ability to focus and concentrate, making them more receptive to learning and tasks.

Tactile and Visual Stimulation

The combination of textured surfaces and visually appealing designs on the gel pad provides multisensory stimulation, which can engage children's tactile and visual senses, promoting sensory exploration.

Improved Body Awareness

Using the pad encourages children to be more aware of their bodies and position in space, enhancing sensory integration.

Sensory Regulation

Weighted sensory gel pads offer a controlled sensory experience, helping children regulate their sensory systems, manage sensory sensitivities, and avoid sensory overload.

Encourages Independent Play

These pads provide a sensory-rich playtime experience, fostering independent exploration and self-soothing, which can be particularly valuable for children with autism who may struggle with social interactions.

How Can Parents and Caregivers Incorporate Weighted Sensory Gel Pads Into Daily Routines?

Parents and caregivers can seamlessly integrate weighted sensory gel pads into the daily routines of children with autism with a few practical strategies.

First, consider using the gel pad during transitions. Whether it's moving from one activity to another or introducing a new environment, the calming benefits of the pad can ease these often challenging moments.

Additionally, incorporate the gel pad into relaxation or quiet time routines, providing a designated sensory experience where children can unwind and self-regulate. Sensory breaks, another valuable opportunity, can be facilitated by the gel pad to help children manage sensory sensitivities and reduce stress.

Introduce the pad during therapy sessions to enhance the therapeutic process. When on the go, such as during car travel, the gel pad can offer comfort and sensory stimulation, helping make the journey smoother for both the child and caregivers. In educational settings, the gel pad can promote focus and self-regulation. 

To integrate weighted sensory gel pads into daily living, it's essential to establish a routine for predictability and consistency. However, remember to remain flexible, as each child's needs and preferences may change over time. By incorporating these techniques, parents and caregivers can harness the benefits of these sensory tools, providing comfort and support to children with autism in various situations.

The Bottom Line

Weighted sensory gel pads offer children with autism a multifaceted solution, promoting relaxation, fine motor skill development, enhanced focus, tactile and visual stimulation, improved body awareness, sensory regulation, and opportunities for independent play. 

Check out Big Heart Toys’ other products for other sensory solutions, and sign up for our newsletters for updates on new products, tips, and resources for families of children with autism.